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                      Hi! Welcome to the studio                       Hi! Welcome to the studio                       Hi! Welcome to the studio 

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My name is Inbal Content and I’m a graphic designer, illustrator & storyteller, B.des from Bezalel Academy of Arts in 2014. I live and create at the city center of Jerusalem, Israel.

I use both design and illustration to create costume-made visual identities and complex designs for various institutions and businesses. My body of work ranges from tailor-made branding, through illustrated academic infographics, to UX/UI design.

Our mutual process will begin with research and exploration of your field of doing, in order to define the project’s core values and characteristics at both conceptual and visual level. All for the purpose of telling your story and creating a unique visual language for it.

Along that, I enjoy creating print designs and illustrations, inspired by our natural and man-made surroundings and a life-long study of our world [Shop will open soon!].

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